Saturday, February 6, 2010


Okay, this is not craft related! We don't usually get very much snow when it snows. Maybe about 4-6 inches at the most. Well, it started snowing yesterday morning at 9:00am and it is still snowing! Expected snow totals are supposed to be any where from 20-30" by the time it is finished tonight.

Here are some pictures after shoveling my driveway today.

Before I started to shovel (and yes I shoveled last night too).

Normally there is a walk way to my front door from the driveway. Last night there was a pathway, today I didn't even attempt to clear it out!


  1. Wow Nancy, your home looks like ours. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Now thats some snow Nancy! Send some up here to NH! i love snow storms it's always nice and cozy and a gret time for crafting!

  3. Wow Nancy! You will never get to school with all that snow! We are used to getting a lot, but this would be a lot even for us! We have gotten none from this storm.

  4. Wow! We need some of that up here!!

  5. Wowzer!!! Looks like something you would see in Alaska!!!


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