Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something Old is New Again

I have several scrap book layouts that just never made it into albums. They've been sitting in those plastic acid-free folios waiting and waiting and waiting. Well, they were originally 8.5x11 layouts and no one really does those anymore! All my new albums are 12x12 so I used some creativity and made them into 12x12 layouts. I kept the original layout and added some 12x12 and a few other embellies etc, rounded some corners and voila, now they are finally in albums! I don't think you can tell they were originally 8.5x11, either. Can you?

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  1. Cool! I've made 8x8 pages into 12x12 pages... and you are right.. I can't tell that they were 8.5x11 pages to start off.. great job!!


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