Monday, January 30, 2012


I have been going back and taking 8.5x11 layouts that somehow never made it into albums and creatively putting the layout onto 12x12 card stock. No changes to the layout but adding some decorative borders and maybe some more embellies to fill out the page. Until I got to this layout. I cannot even describe how bad it was (the decorative scissors are a clue). I probably made this layout almost 10 yrs ago and there wasn't much available except gel pens, decorative scissors, flat stickers. Need I say more. I carefully peeled the photos and the their mats off and started fresh. Here is the new and improved layout (notice I didn't take a picture of the bad version). Enjoy and thanks for looking!


  1. Nancy, I saw a couple of days ago, my first scrapbook pages from seven years ago and sometimes I feel to redo them. But then I think that's the way it was back then. I cannot believe how much improvement I did, although sometimes I run out of layout ideas, but I love the way they look now. Probably I'll hate them in a couple of more year. LOL!!!. You did a great job. I love 12x12 pages, so much room to play with.

  2. You are so stinkin' cute! I have a couple books with all those flat stickers and decorative scissors that got used ALOT. LOL Great layout. Love the three little buttons in the corner. :)

  3. Great pages Nancy! Your scrapbooking is FABULOUS! I love looking at your work....TFS!!!

  4. I love to go back and look at "where it all began" but so definitely agree... I like what I do today better... well when I actually really do "do" something today : )

    love the polka dots...

  5. I like how you kept the same layout and just added it to 12 by 12 paper. I have a few 8.5 by 11 layouts as I was only gonna scrap that size cause it was I am slowly switching all my pages on to 12 by 12 but still keeping the origianl layout so i can see how much i have changed. If only I had time to go back and redo all the unliked pages.
    Great job.


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